Stand alone houses in Cala Romana for sale

Still available the two last stand alone houses in a new development with a total amount of 6. In this moment you can decide how to finish the houses, from inner distribution and until the last detail or material. Now you have the possibility to live in one of the more exclusive areas of the city, in a privileged environment.


Development of stand alone houses in Cala Romana residential area in Tarragona.

Still available 2 houses out of 5. These are current prices, for the house completely finished, with elevator and swimming pool:

House 4: 850.000 € (334 sqm)

House 5: 950.000 € (407 sqm)

The houses are not completely finished. The roof, the structure and outer walls are finished, but all the indoor distribution and finishing are to be done fully custom according to our customers desires.

The buyer can decide all the materials, colors, and also the whole distribution of the house. In 6 or 7 months the house can be completely finished. The services fo waterm gas and electricity are already available in the plot.